What happens after the cork is pulled – Epoch Moments

Most all wineries have a website and, in general, they all kind of look and feel the same.  They introduce the vintners, the winemaker, the vineyards, the wines and inform you of what wines are for sale, what people are saying, winemaking philosophy, etc.  What seems to be missing is, what does the wine (in our case Epoch) do for you, or should I say, what did the wine do to you?… 😉  They miss the most important aspect of wine – what happens after you pull the cork and start drinking?

At the risk of sounding like I need to be on a therapist’s couch, something unexpected is happening now that we are producing wines – it totally makes me happy to hear how much people enjoy Epoch wines.  I am not really sure what that means about my mental state.  A shrink might say that I have a desperate need for approval or the constant desire to please people, and they might be right.  A different spin, and one that I prefer, is that I really like seeing people happy and having a good time.  And with that, what better way is there to have fun (with your clothes on) than sharing great times with good friends while drinking an awesome bottle of wine.

Wine for me, above all else is a social lubricant, a truth serum of sorts, a way of bringing people together and opening up a dialogue.  In general, we are way too serious, way more closed than we need to be and lots better at talking than listening. Wine has a way of cutting through all of that…

I get such a kick out of my friends (and now new fans of Epoch whom I haven’t met yet) telling me of their great experiences when they drink a bottle of Epoch.  Here are just a couple that stand out:

“Your wine should come with a warning label because just before my date and I finished Epoch Authenticity, I was attacked!  Thank you, thank you! A long relationship is forthcoming…”

“I was invited to a gathering of wine geeks, sommeliers, and restaurant owners the other night with the instruction, ‘Bring your favorite bottle of wine’. I brought Epoch Ingenuity, and it was voted, after a brown bag taste off, the best bottle of the night. I went from ‘unknown newcomer’ to ‘who is that guy?’ in a night…”

I call these Epoch Moments…  For those of you who bought Epoch in our most recent release, Liz and I shared a couple of Epoch Moments with you in our shipping package.  These are fun times we had that still bring smiles to our faces.  We would love for you to share your Epoch Moments with us by sending pictures, notes, long stories, YouTube videos, limericks and more to [email protected].  If appropriate, we will share some of these on our website; if inappropriate, Liz and I will enjoy a good laugh.  Our favorite Epoch Moment submissions might be the recipient of a bottle of Epoch wine!

Life is fun, especially life with wine. Get ready to live!

With much gratitude,

Bill Armstrong