The Year of Epoch Blogging!

Just like the majority of the walking, talking population of the U.S., Epoch Estate Wines makes New Year’s Resolutions.  Perhaps ours don’t involve eating less carbs or hitting the gym three times a week, but we certainly make note of areas where we excel and areas that need some improvement.  In 2014, we resolve to continue making kickass wines that bring excitement to your glasses, a challenge (the good kind) to your palate, interesting conversations to your dinner table, and more fun to any party we attend.  We also resolve to improve our blogging game.

There are many things we have done well at Epoch, but blogging hasn’t been one of them…yet!  In 2014, we vow to start blogging as often as we can.  Rather than crown one person our official “blogger,” we have decided to rally a full team of bloggers!  We believe that life at Epoch is special.  Although our primary focus has and always will be quality winemaking, we take many other elements of our life at Paderewski Vineyard, Catapult, and York Mountain very seriously.

Kind of like Sybil, Epoch suffers from multiple-personality disorder…at any given time, we consider ourselves winemakers, historians, horsemen, arborists, salesmen, teachers, visionaries, chemists, and artists.  So why would we ever limit ourselves to writing about one thing???  We want to paint you the entire picture of the colorful, dynamic life that makes up Epoch Estate Wines.  Stay tuned for blog posts from the many different voices of our team who each have something interesting to share about their unique contribution to Epoch.

Just as each grape variety we plant has a different story to tell, so do the various members of our team.  We look forward to sharing the Epoch story with all of you!


Lindsey Armstrong (on behalf of the entire Epoch family!)

P.S. Of course, the whole point of blogging is to keep our friends informed and entertained, so feel free to comment on this post if you have any topics you would specifically like us to address going forward. Thanks!!!