The Beginning of the Next 130 years atop York Mountain!

From the moment we were given the keys to the York Mountain property in 2010, our visions and inspirations started to come to life for this land whose wine adventure began 132 years ago.  Over the past four years, we have remodeled a charming 1898 farmhouse, built a lovely horse barn, updated a quaint cottage, and integrated a beautiful modular building to serve our wines!  We are proud to be stewards of this historic land and excited to be writing the story of the next 130 years and beyond!

In the summer of 2013, we broke ground on our new Winery up on York Mountain, which will be operational by crush of 2014!!  We have kept this build under wraps, but today is your lucky day!  Today, you get a sneak peek at what we are doing to breath life back into the historic York Mountain.  You’ll get to learn a bit about the new Winery and see both architecture renderings and construction photos.  The Winery and the future Tasting Room (more on this exciting project in the coming months) are both designed by renowned architecture firm, Lake|Flato Architects, hailing from San Antonio, Texas.  Together, we have all been inspired to build a very special place to craft our wines.

—Rendering of the winery from York Mountain Road, by Lake|Flato Architects—

—Current view of the production offices, May 2014—

The new winery will be nestled into the hillside atop York Mountain.  When finished, the winery will total 17,000 square feet.  As you can imagine, a structure of that size on York Mountain could easily feel out of place.  That is not our style.  With that in mind, our architects designed a collection of buildings to create a winery that fits seamlessly into its natural landscape.  Much like a multi-structure farm has a variety of out buildings, the winery will also include many components.  From our production offices to case good storage, and to our fermentation and barrel room, each has been designed to peak out of the surroundings.  Our barrel room will literally blend into the landscape.  Using the “cut-and-cover” method, the top of the barrel room will be covered with the soil that we removed to give us the room to construct this amazing and inspiring space.

—Rendering of the winery’s crush pad, by Lake|Flato Architects—

—Current view of the top of the barrel room, soon to be covered in soil, May 2014—

The working winery will utilize unconditioned fermentation rooms and will integrate night cooling for temperature control and natural day lighting.  Custom designed fermentation tanks will sit atop cast in-place concrete platforms, giving the winemaking team the ability to utilize gravity to drain vessels and transfer juice from one tank to another.  The stunning barrel room will be naturally cooled by the mass of the earth surrounding the beautiful cast in-place board formed concrete that makes up the ceiling, walls, and floors.  Keeping in line with our sustainable strategies, we are integrating a photovoltaic system that will provide 95% of our energy and utilize rainwater harvesting to irrigate the landscape.  These deliberate and desired elements continue to give the team the creativity and flexibility necessary to make the crazy, delicious wines for which Epoch is known.

—Current view of the fermentation room with meeting space above, May 2014—

—Current inside view of the barrel room. Check out that cast in-place board-formed concrete and the circular skylight allowing natural light in. —

Together with the rich Central Coast of California, the beautiful landscape of York Mountain, fantastic old and new structures, terrific people, outstanding wines, and big purple smiles all around, is it possible to be more inspired?!? Keep watching our blog and visiting us on the mountain, as the best is yet to come!