Spring 2014 Release Epoch Moment Winners!

A BIG congratulations to our three Epoch Moment winners!


During our Spring 2014 Release, we challenged our buyers to complete the following equation.

YOU are the hoop on our barrel.

YOU are the pop to our cork.

YOU are the punch to our palate.

YOU are the balance to our finish.

YOU are our Epoch Moment!

You + Epoch = ________________

We love how excited all of you were to participate, and we really loved receiving and reading through all of your answers.  We have some very clever drinkers out there!  After much debate, we have chosen not one but three winners.  Congrats to Jeff Vaughan, Phil Watkins, and Jeff Stout!

First Place = Vinozoic Era

By Jeff Vaughan

In first place we have “Vinozoic Era” by Jeff Vaughan.  Congratulations, Jeff!  You played your cards right and catered to your audience.  Liz and Bill Armstrong, owners of Epoch, are geologists.  Little known fact, they met in Geology 101 at SMU and fell in love at Field Camp…a match made in rock heaven!  I remember sitting in our old family Suburban on long road trips through Colorado and Texas, listening to my parents go into great detail about the rock formations outside the windows of that car.  Admittedly, my ten year-old-self did not appreciate the Geology lesson as much as they probably would have liked, but had I not (kind of, sort of) listened, I might not understand the relevance of this Epoch Moment.  So here is a mini-geology lesson for all of you…scientists measure time using the Geologic Time Scale; GTS helps them describe the timing that events have taken place throughout the history of the earth.  This time scale is broken into eras which are then broken into periods, EPOCHS, and ages…DING DING DING… therein lies our namesake!  You leave a couple of Geology nerds in charge of picking a name for their vineyard, and this is what happens. ; )  Vino = wine, so somewhere between the Mesozoic and Cerozoic eras, we now have the tannic and tasty Vinozoic Era.  Thank you, Jeff!  You + Epoch = Vinozoic Era, and we are all happily livin’ in it!

Second Place = Happy Camper and Big Purple Smiles!

By Phil Watkins and Jeff Stout

Reading through all of these postcards, we kept coming back to “Happy Camper” by Phil Watkins and “Big Purple Smiles” by Jeff Stout for their fun and simple takes on the challenge, so we created a second place for them.

We love how “Happy Camper” takes us to a more carefree, nostalgic place in time. Summer camp is a rite of passage in the Armstrong family, so this answer brought a smile to our faces and made us think of hot but happy Texas afternoons, hangin’ out on the Guadalupe River.  We may no longer be those kinds of campers, but good wine with good friends will always make us very Happy Campers!  Congrats, Phil!

At Epoch, “Big Purple Smiles” are synonymous with fun.  True, Big Purple Smiles do not always make for the most flattering photos, but those smiles will always bring back memories of happy times.  Starting now, we vow to always embrace our Big Purple Smiles.  After all, they are the universal (and inevitable) symbols of good times and great wine!  : )  Congrats, Jeff!

We had so much fun sifting through these responses that we plan to make this a tradition.  Stay tuned for more Epoch Moment contests!  We are so thankful for all of you, and we meant it when we said you are our Epoch Moment.  : )   Thanks to all who participated, and go ahead and get your game faces on for the next go-around.