Ten Things You Should Know about our Concrete Tanks

1. We are so lucky to have ten of these bad boys in our new winery!

2. Each of these tanks was handmade by Vino Vessel, so…

3. No two tanks are the same – just like our wines. : )

4. Each weighs 14,000 lbs, i.e. seven tons or seven percherons horses!!!

5. Glycol tubes were placed into the 5-inch thick walls as concrete was poured.  This allows the winemaking team to cool/warm fermenting wines as needed.

6. These tanks may be used for fermentation and aging; the tanks have a lid to seal for aging wines, so they stay clean.

7. The conical shape provides more cap compression/submersion.  What the heck does that mean, you ask?  Well, let’s first define cap…the cap (or grape cap) is formed by the grape skins and seeds floating to the top of the wine during fermentation. We like cap compression and want more of it, as color and flavors are extracted when this cap is submerged.  Depending on what Jordan and Pete decide, the cap is punched down a few times a day. The conical shape in our new tanks helps provide more of this cap compression/submersion that we are seeking.

8. The board-formed design on the outside of these tanks complements the design elements throughout the winery.  Stay tuned for more peeks at the breathtaking board-formed elements of our winery.

9. Epoch made concrete tank history at Vino Vessel, as we were the first to add a design element to concrete tanks.

10. These beauties were designed by Jordan Fiorentini and Micah Utter of Vino Vessel.