#epochfourth winners!!!

With fall upon us and school back in session, I have found my mind wandering back to summer nights in the not so distant past.  The summer of 2014 will forever go down in my books as one of my very best.  This Fourth of July weekend, I married my best friend on my family’s beautiful Paso Robles properties.  Each of this weekend’s events was spectacular and special in its own right, but this particular post pays homage to our Welcome Party on the 4th.  Safe to say, Epoch Estate Wines has not seen a Fourth that patriotic since perhaps the days of the York brothers.  No festive stone was left unturned – Face painting, caramel apples, wagon rides, and do-it-yourself fireworks were just a few of the tricks up this party’s sleeve.  Tom from Villa Creek thought of just about every delicious bite you could imagine finding at your local fair, and Monty Mills put on the show of a lifetime.

Sharing Epoch wine and the Epoch story on its own, scenic turf with friends and family from all over the country (many of whom had never seen this part of California or had ever heard of Grenache – oh my!) was an experience I will never forget.  Luckily, I have lots and lots (…and lots) of pictures of this special weekend to help forever keep these memories fresh in my mind.  Speaking of pictures, I am writing today to announce the winners of a wedding weekend photo contest.  Herein lies the directions to our #epochfourth contest…

At Epoch, we have something called Epoch Moments where we encourage our buyers to share special stories and pictures of what happens when they pull the Epoch cork.  Since we know our wedding weekend will be one long string of Epoch Moments, we would love for you to share them with us under #epochfourth.  Epoch LOVES a good contest, and since I work in Sales and Marketing for the winery, Ryan and I have decided to turn #epochfouth into a challenge to find the most fun and creative pho-ment of the wedding weekend.  In order to qualify, the picture must incorporate something Epoch (Epoch wine, Epoch swag, Epoch property) and something patriotic (in honor of the holiday, duh!).  The winning picture will get an Epoch social media shout-out (woop woop!) and an Epoch goodie (tbd).   Good luck!

Turns out, Ryan and I have lots of creative and photogenic friends, so picking a winner was no easy task.  So tricky, in fact, that we could not pick just one, we decided to celebrate three winners.  Drum roll pllllease…The winners of our #epochfourth contest, listed in no particular order (after all, how do you rank friends?) are Will Fawcett (photo cred to John Newton), the Lasley Family, and our very own Stephanie (Gong) McTiernan…

Ryan’s Fraternity brother, Will, was not messing around when he entered the Face painting stall in the York Mountain barn.  His pride for his country manifested itself into a full-facial flag.  Will, this may have not won you any girls’ numbers that night, but it definitely won you my respect as well as an #epochfourth goodie bag.  Worth it!!!

Bert and Henny Lasley have been good friends with my parents since their glory days at Southern Methodist University.  At some point during my awkward middle school years, the Lasleys moved their family to Denver.  Needless to say, my parents were pumped to have college friends and fellow Ponies in their hood, and I was excited to have a new babysitting gig!  Now their kids are all grown up, and it was so fun to have two of the three at our wedding.  Bert, Henny, Paige, and Bryn Lasley brought a lot to the party in the form of a succession of funny and well-thought-out #epochfourth contenders.  Though they were all great, this one takes the cake.  You know you’ve thrown a good wedding when this pops up on your insta feed the next day (props to Jordan for our special Lindsey and Ryan wedding wine, pictured here).

Many of you probably know the person formerly known as Stephanie Gong.  She has been at Epoch since our earliest days atop York Mountain, and since then, she has become a McTiernan.  Steph is a favorite amongst Epoch friends, and we have missed her while she has been on maternity leave.  She may now be a momma, but she and her husband, Derek, still know how to have a good time.  Nothin’ says I’m confident not having hair than a tattoo to highlight this barren area.  Not to mention, matching flags = romance at its finest. : ) Congrats, Steph and Derek!

Congrats, you guys!!!  We will be contacting you offline to coordinate the delivery of your #epochfourth winnings.  Get excited!!!