Getting to know our stainless steel tanks…

  • We have three sets of twin tanks that are specifically designed for our blend sizes.
  • The two smallest tanks double as red fermentors.
  • All six have custom designed legs.  In building our winery, it was important for us to have a refined look (modern meets rustic that blends into its natural surroundings) throughout the winery.  So naturally, we wanted our stainless steel tanks to be just as visually appealing as the rest of the winery (I mean, come on, they have to compete with the concrete tanks down the hall – no pressure there!). In general, stainless steel tanks are not normally show-stoppers, so we decided to customize them with long, interesting legs.  These legs are 4 feet each, so we can gravity flow out of them to fill barrels and puncheons, as well as rake our pomace into our red basket press.
  • These stainless steel beauties were designed by JV Northwest. JV Northwest mainly designs tanks for breweries.  Because of this fact, these tanks have more sanitary welds than your normal stainless steel wine tank; beer requires more sanitary welding because its alcohol content is lower and its PH higher than wine.  Fun little fact!
  • Our shiny friends have awesome lids that seal wonderfully, so we can make sure no oxygen enters the headspace of the tank above the wine…assuming the tank isn’t full, of course.