Vessels…Concrete Eggs!

What is a concrete egg?? A concrete tank in the shape of an egg!

Yes, the concrete obsession continues, but why in the world do we use tanks shaped as eggs?

  • Used for fermentation and aging of white wines and aging of reds.
  • We have been using these eggs for about 3 vintages so far, so have learned from every wine we’ve stored in them.
  • These concrete “eggs” are made by a company out of France called Nomblot, and they hold around 180 gallons of wine.
  • Because of the “egg” shape, the wine is continually flowing inside of the vessel and does not settle very well.  The wine is in constant contact with its lees (spent yeast and sediment), which will enhance the wine’s ultimate weight and creaminess on the palate.  Normally, winemakers must stir barrels (perform battonage) to achieve lees contact with wine. We don’t need to stir these eggs because the shape does the mixing for us!
  • We have been fermenting and aging Grenache Blanc in concrete eggs as well as a portion of our red Grenache blends.  We love the heightened minerality and bright, fresh character concrete aging preserves in our wines.

More fun vessels to be revealed this week, so come back for more tomorrow!