2016 Olympics: Wine for the Win!

Is it just us, or is the world simply a better and happier place during an Olympics season!?!  We have felt so enthused and inspired by the patriotism, athleticism, perseverance and passion of these games that we decided to go ahead and bring the games to Epoch!  Ever the biased coaches/parents in the stands, we feel our wines have the grit, stamina, and finesse to stand up to the toughest of competition.  Ü

A special thanks to for the always-creative Peter Turrone for penning their athletic prowess with such precision and perfection.

So without further ado, meet our Olympic athletes…

2014 White

Our Sprightly Sipper

“At 52% Viognier & 48% Grenache, this racy gal is built with a core strength of acidity.  She dominates the track and field with a specialty for sprints and high jumps.  Always with a smile, she takes the gold as she wins our hearts.”

– Peter Turrone, Associate Winemaker and Proud Papa

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2012 Veracity

A Blend for the Bars and Beam

“Leaps, flips, somersaults!  At 55% Grenache, 27% Mourvèdre, and 18% Syrah, this gal is dazzling folks from her floor routine to the uneven bars to the balance beam.  She’s an all-around winner in the palate gynmastics.”

– Peter Turrone, Associate Winemaker and Proud Papa

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2013 Estate Blend

The Gentle Giant

“This gentle behemoth has a clear advantage in the wrestling ring.  Large and in charge, he also maintains the flexibility needed to flip the competition.”

– Peter Turrone, Associate Winemaker and Proud Papa

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