Epoch Retrospective Tasting: 2010’s



We all have that one bottle in our wine fridge that consistently makes us wonder, “Hmm…is it ready?  Do I take the chance and open it now?”  Well, we are right there with you.  That’s why back in February, we decided to open a few of our wines to see how they were tasting.  We thought hard about which vintages to check in on, and we landed at the 2010 vintage.  They were tasting so great that we decided to create a new experience in the tasting room, the 2010 Retrospective Tasting.  Since these tastings are on a current hiatus due to the COVID-19 situation in California, we wanted to share some tasting notes and a virtual tasting for those that didn’t get to partake in this in-person experience.  If you are reading this blog or watching this video and have not opened these bottles yet, a) props to you for your self-restraint and b) now is a great time to enjoy the wines listed below (please note that 2010 White and 2010 Estate Blend are not featured in the video tasting).  We hope these insights help guide your decision on which bottle to pull next!


Tasting Notes on the 2010 Retrospective Tastings

“Leading off the tasting has been our 2010 Epoch White, showcasing all of the beautiful qualities of an aged white wine.  100% Grenache Blanc, its acidity has mellowed out, creating a softer, creamier mouthfeel that is complemented by its minerality and stone fruit flavors.  The 2010 Veracity, our GMS blend, features a little bit of Counoise in this vintage (this is the only vintage of Veracity that includes a fourth variety).  The softened Grenache tannins have melded with its Syrah and Mourvèdre shoulders, creating an elegant palate with juiciness from the Counoise.  The 2010 Estate Blend, with a wide array of textures and flavors from its four grape backbone, is still as deserving of its Wine Spectator’s Top 25 accolade as it was seven years.  Its diverse palate makes it a wonderfully food-friendly wine!  The 2010 Authenticity shines tremendously with its Syrah-Mourvédre combination.  The sun-kissed rocky slopes of Paderewski Vineyard and the Willow Creek District are evident in its structure, which shoots fruit and minerality in all directions of your palate.  Finishing our lineup strong as ever are our 2010 Block B and our 2010 Tempranillo!  Being 100% Syrah clone 174, 2010 Block B features its prominent terroir-driven character with a mouthfeel as smooth as silk.  The Tempranillo still holds its depth and concentration while bringing out all of those amazing spice and cherry flavors from its Grenache addition.”


– Braden Bautista, Tasting Room Lead & Tour Coordinator



2010 Veracity  |  $100

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles
69% Grenache | 23% Mourvèdre | 4% Syrah | 4% Counoise
Aged for 18 months in 41% new French oak barrels and puncheons
589 cases produced

Epoch’s 2010 Veracity is a juicy, layered Grenache based GSM grown on the slopes of our limestone-studded Paderewski Vineyard. With its Grenache component fermented mostly in concrete, this wine’s minerality is subtly juxtaposed next to lush red fruit, citrus and white flowers – quite enticing. Many of the lots that make up this blend were expressive co-fermentations of Syrah with Grenache and Mourvèdre. Counoise also makes an appearance for the first time to add spice and bright strawberry elements. Don’t let Grenache wines fool you – they age just as well as Syrah and need time to open up. – Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker

ScoresRhone Report 95, Wine Advocate 94, Wine Spectator 94, Vinous 92





2010 Authenticity  |  $115
– International Wine Report’s #1 Wine of the Year for 2013

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles
76% Syrah | 24% Mourvèdre
Fermented in stainless tanks, French oak puncheons and concrete tanks
Aged for 20 months in 65% new French oak
492 cases produced


This wine is living up to its muse – Bill Armstrong. Earning its name as “The Bill Wine” from the moment of blending, the 2010 Authenticity is complex and outspoken with many elaborate gears.  Its integrated stemy-ness brings its fruit and minerality to a whole new level of wine enjoyment. – Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker

ScoresRhone Report 96, Wine Advocate 96, International Wine Report 96 & #1 (2012), Wine Spectator 93, Vinous 92




2010 Block B  |  $125  |  ALMOST SOLD OUT

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles
100% Syrah | Clone 174 | 100% Block B
Fermented in concrete tanks, French oak puncheons and one-ton bins
Aged for 22 months in 56% new French oak
314 cases produced


Block B has its usual graceful muscle with an incredible level of gorgeous Syrah fruit rounding out its chewy texture and an unmistakable earthiness. – Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker

ScoresRhone Report 98, Wine Advocate 96+, International Wine Report 96, Wine Spectator 93, Vinous 91 






2010 Tempranillo  |  $105  |  SOLD OUT

– The Wine Advocate: Jeb’s Best of 2013

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles

92% Tempranillo | 8% Grenache
Fermented in concrete and stainless steel tanks, and French oak puncheons
Aged for 20 months in 82% New French Oak
268 cases produced

This mouthwatering, one of a kind Tempranillo blurs the lines of how we think about wine; he is bright, juicy and playful yet serious in focus and structure, full and lush yet chock full of tannin, Californian yet Spanish. You definitely won’t be bored with this in your glass! – Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker


ScoresWine Advocate 96, Rhone Report 96, International Wine Report 94, Vinous 92