Epoch: Wine Bottles Only Workout


By Alissa Loftus, Tasting Room Educator & Events Assistant


Keeping the body moving during these strange times of sheltering-at-home is of utmost importance.  As a frequenter of yoga studios, spin studios, gyms, and outdoor recreational areas, I understand that working out at home may seem impossible without any equipment.  It can also be difficult to get motivated., but take it from me, putting in the time and effort to get the blood pumping is so worth it.  A good dose of endorphins can turn your day around.  Plus, exercise is beneficial to the immune system, which I know is at the forefront of everyone’s’ minds these days.  So, take forty minutes, grab some wine bottles, and get moving!  No one ever finished a workout and said, “Dang, I wish I hadn’t done that.” Cheers!


P.S.: Drinking the wine you use for this workout tonight with dinner is highly encouraged.  Since enjoying these bottles in the near future is the goal, make sure to keep them as still as possible throughout the workout.  This precision will also help stabilize your core and create an even more effective workout.  Now get to it!



You will need:

Your body

Two 750ml bottles of Epoch wine

Optional: Two magnums (1.5 L) of Epoch wine



Circuit 1:


  • 25 air squats (unweighted)
  • 12 pushups
  • 30 laying down single-leg raises (15 per side, hands behind head with shoulder blades off the ground or hands palm-down underneath sacrum to support low back)





Circuit 2:


  • 25 air squats (holding 1 magnum bottle- option to shoulder press bottle overhead at top of movement)
  • 12 pushups (modify elbows in or elbows out to hit a slightly different muscle group)
  • 30 bicycle crunches




Circuit 3:


  • 15 sumo squats (legs wider than hips distance apart, heels in, toes out.  Chest up!  Option again to hold a magnum and shoulder press at the top; keep that wine as still as possible.)
  • 15 bicep curls per side (hold either a 750 or a magnum in each hand!)
  • 1-minute forearm plank hold





Circuit 4:

    • 15 sumo squats (holding and pressing magnum optional)
    • 15 bicep curls per side (holding either 750 or magnum)
    • 12 side plank oblique twists (side plank on forearm- hold a 750ml bottle in top hand. Extend arm holding bottle straight up to the sky- then bring the bottle down underneath body and reextend up! Remember to avoid too much jiggling of the juice!)






  • 15 burpees, 1 min rest. 10 burpees, 30 seconds rest. 5 burpees, DONE!







Be well and drink Epoch!  Need to stock up? 

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