Epoch Wines: Gratitude Wine




Thank you to all those

who serve and protect us

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in so many areas of our daily lives, and thus, heroes have taken on many different forms: doctors and nurses who have had face-to-face (or really, mask-to-mask) interactions with those who have fallen ill, volunteers assisting those in need of food and medical resources during these isolating times, and everything in between.  Gratitude  was our way of extending our sincere appreciation to these brave responders, and thanks to all of you, it was a smashing success!  This donation wine sold out in 30 minutes with a long wish list of folks who missed the offering.  We think our Gratitude release is a testament to this community’s insatiable desire to spread joy and thankfulness during what has been a tough 2020.  We are, indeed, grateful for all of you and for those bringing relief during these unprecedented circumstances.


It was a highlight of our year to hand-deliver our stash of Gratitude to local healthcare workers at Twin Cities Community Hospital, Sierra Vista Hospital, French Hospital, and SLO Country Public Health.  We hope the process of gifting your own Gratitude bottles to medical professionals was just as rewarding.  Ü A few weeks later, we handed over a check for $18,000 (100% of the proceeds from the Gratitude release) to the Salvation Army California South Division.  As a result of COVID, one in four families in our region has been affected by the massive layoffs that have occurred this year, and this organization has been working tirelessly to provide food, health resources, and basic care to a record number of individuals in need.  Our Gratitude project helped more people than we can possibly imagine, and we are SO grateful for all who participated in this release!  Thank you all again!



The Story

In the spring of 2018, our Winemaker, Jordan Fiorentini, headed Down Under to work a harvest in Barossa Valley, Australia with one of Bill Armstrong’s good wine buddies, Michael Twelftree of Two Hands Wines.  During Jordan’s visit, the two bonded over their love of Grenache, and thus, worked together to create a wine from some stunning 70-year-old Grenache vines in the area.  The 50% whole cluster fermentation took place in Barossa, but the resulting wine made its way back to Paso Robles to do its barrel-aging and bottling in our winery.


Earlier this year we started thinking about where this wine could fit into our story, and the answer quickly became clear with the spread of COVID-19.  This collaboration between the two countries was the perfect way to say thank you to doctors and nurses who are serving on the front lines during this global pandemic.  We decided to call our Grenache bottling “Gratitude” and put together a plan to benefit our community and those who want to show their support to healthcare professionals in their lives!


While trying to create a plan for dispersing this donation wine, we received many emails from Entourage members who were eager to gift this wine to specific healthcare workers they know and love.  So, in an effort to say “thank you” more broadly, we created a two-step plan for this wine:


1. Epoch will automatically donate one-third of the production of Gratitude to local hospitals.


2. The remaining production of Gratitude was available for purchase on our Online Store on Monday, June 1st. This gave our buyers the opportunity to select their own recipients and deliver their Gratitude directly.  These bottles were $40, and all proceeds were donated to The Salvation Army.