Thanksgiving Pairings: MGS Blends

While most Epoch wines shine with fall flavors, we do have two wines we want to highlight specifically for Turkey Day.  With the myriad of dishes on your Thanksgiving table, we recommend having a lighter and a heavier wine option, and we think 2019 Rosé and 2016 Veracity are the perfect two for the occasion.


2019 Rosé is the perfect lighter wine for this feast.  Cranberry sauce brings out the bright and juicy components of our Rosé, and when turkey is added to the mix, you have the perfect savory and sweet pairing!  This wine’s delicate fresh fruit, minerality, and light texture are sure to cleanse the palate after butter-laden bites.  2016 Veracity is the alter ego of our 2019 Rosé since the varietal breakdowns of these two wines are almost the same (both wines are Mourvèdre dominant blends with Grenache and Syrah).  Our Rosé is what Veracity would taste like if its red grapes could make white wine.


2016 Veracity is a hearty mid-palate red that will stand up to the various stuffing flavors and turkey spice rubs that will be savored around your table.  We think inviting these two MGS blends to your Thanksgiving is the way to go, and both can be found on our Online Store now!