Will You Accept This Rosé?

by Christine Ovasapyan, Tasting Room Educator


OK y’all, let’s take a moment to address the fact that somewhere along the way, Rosé became a social media influencer and a trending topic in households everywhere.  Can I get a #roseallday?!?  But seriously, who doesn’t love a good Rosé moment?


If there is one silver lining to COVID-19 keeping our Tasting Room doors closed all last spring and into the beginning of summer it is that we still have 2019 Rosé in stock!  In a normal year, this Epoch favorite flies off the shelves during our warmer months and is sold out by November.  But as we all know, the past year has been anything but normal and our Tasting Room was closed for a whopping 139 days.  All that craziness coupled with the fact that the 2019 Rosé was (and is) so good that we bottled more than in year’s past means we still have some to share!


We believe the 2019 Rosé is our best rosé to date – so much so that we decided to make a special edition, etched version of this pink perfection.  Each etched bottle is adorned with the message, “Cheers♥”, in our very own superstar winemaker Jordan Fiorentini’s handwriting.


2019 Rosé features a glorious blend of 62% Mourvèdre, 21% Grenache, and 17% Syrah.  It also happens to feature all three of our Estate Vineyards at 69% Catapult Vineyard, 21% Paderewski Vineyard, and 10% York Mountain Vineyard.  With delicate notes of fresh fruit and zingy acid, there’s a beautiful balance on this palate for all wine lovers.


At the start of quarantine in 2020, we went a little Rosé crazy, and shared with you different ways to pair and enjoy your Rosé (see below).


2019 Rosé: Shelter in Place

Look no further for a delicious heart-warming meal paired with our 2019 Rosé to keep you satisfied.






Get Outside: An Epoch Picnic 

Tired of the confines of your home?  Pack a picnic, grab some Rosé, and head outside to enjoy some fresh air.






Pairing Food + Wines, Spring 2020 Release Wines

We’re suckers for a good party at Epoch.  So when we couldn’t host y’all for our Spring 2020 Release Party, we decided to bring the party to you with this step-by-step guide on making the perfect pairing for your wines.


So, whether you’re sipping on this pretty thing solo or pairing it with a full course meal, you’ve got options.  Now that quarantine has carried over to 2021, I find myself in front of my television more frequently, and these days, the Bachelor is queued up every Monday night like clockwork.  Give me an etched bottle of 2019 Rosé, some kettle corn, a charcuterie board, and I’m left with the perfect evening in the comfort of my own home.





You were probably already watching the Bachelor with a glass of wine in hand, but why not add an aesthetically pleasing, etched bottle to the mix?  Sign me up for Epoch Rosé all day!  Whether you’re stocking up for your Bachelor watch parties or gifting this to a special someone for Valentine’s Day, the opportunities to enjoy and have a nice cheers are endless.  If I haven’t convinced you yet on why you need, yes need, a bottle (or two Ü) of our etched Rosé, I’ll have you know that once you finish the wine, you can use the bottle as the perfect vase for some roses.  So, the million-dollar question is will you accept this Rosé?



To purchase our 2019 Etched Rosé please call our Tasting Room at (805)237-7575 or head over to our Online Store.  Choose from having your wine shipped to your front door or stop by our Tasting Room for a curbside pickup where our Tasting Room Educators are ready to help!  You’re in luck too since we are now offering inclusive shipping on purchases of 3 bottles and more!  Our Online Store will be closing on Monday, February 8th for our Spring 2021 Release, so be sure to stock up this week if you are in need of some Epoch!  Cheers and happy drinking, all!  Ü














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Your friendly Tasting Room Educator,

Christine Ovasapyan