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The final tour. #winecountry #epochwines #thankyoupaso

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Wonderful tasting @epochwines. Ask for Anna, she is lovely and always takes care of us. #wine #alwaysdelicious

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“One of the finest hotels in Hawaii serving the finest rose!” -Kyle & Michelle


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A glorious sight indeed. #tbt to wine tasting @epochwines 😭 CAN’T WAIT TO DO THIS AGAIN #wine #winelover #epochwines #wearamask

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The last stop on our wine tasting trip to Paso Robles was to Epoch. I liked the vibe here with its modern rustic tasting room and definitely would recommend a visit. Epoch is set atop Paso’s York Mountain, one of California’s smallest AVAs, producing Rhone-based varietals in these West Paso Robles Vineyards. We sat outside overlooking the horse pasture (because I am a horse lover, this trumps a vineyard view for me). We also had an outstanding server, Abbey. Tasting out of plastic cups took away from the tasting experience, but overall it was enjoyable. Tasting included the following ($30/pp) ➺ 2019 Rosé (62% Mourvedre, 21% Grenache, 17% Syrah) $30 ➺ 2019 White (47% Grenache Blanc, 42% Viognier, 11% Roussanne) $35 ➺ 2016 Sensibility (97% Grenache, 3% Mourvedre) $75 ➺ 2016 Veracity (51% Mourvedre, 36% Grenache, 13% Syrah) $70 ➺ 2016 Estate Blend (58% Syrah, 19% Syrah, 17% Grenache, 6% Tempranillo) $60 ➺ 2015 Tempranillo $75 We liked their wines and took several bottles home. We have already opened the Tempranillo, which was aged 19 months in French oak barrels (60% new). It definitely needs decanting and time to open up. This is a big, bold, full-bodied, high alcohol wine (15.5%). Leather, dark plumbs, earthy, dark fruits, very savory, some spice on the finish. It was better the next day. Personally, we thought it was overpriced at $75, but we are used to the prices of Italian wines. . . . . . . . . . . #pasorobles #pasorobleswine #pasowine #pasorobleswinecountry #pasorobleswineries #winelover #italianwinelover #winetasting #youcansipwithus #winenot #instawine #winesofinstagram #winetime #wineoclock #winestagram #wine #winemoments #wineblogger #winetime #californiawine #winetravel #visitpasorobles #winecountry #centralcoastwine #paso #epoch #epochwines #yorkmountain #tempranillo

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Signs of life! @epochwines

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Sunday night quarantining with another live @questlove set on Youtube Live. Tonight, it’s Prince Part 3. To go along with ?uestlove tonight is this bottle of 2015 Epoch (pronounced “Epic”) Ingenuity. I first tried Epoch on a beautiful Summer evening at @robins_restaurant in Cambria. It was a family trip up the coast from L.A. to Big Sur. The wine was a recommendation from the waiter and seemed to pair perfectly with hangar steak, the gorgeous outdoor garden and a beautiful moonlit night. Even the kids weren’t being complete a-holes. I found myself enchanted by the wine immediately but remained cautious. I’ve certainly been the victim of vacation wine goggles before. When I’m relaxed, enjoying myself and feeling (uncharacteristically) at peace with the world, I could be sipping on Listerine and somehow think it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted. So, in order to verify my infatuation, we stopped by the Epoch winery in Paso shortly before the apocalypse began. With a more level head, I decided for sure that Epoch is indeed the real deal. The Epoch Ingenuity is a Syrah dominated blend with Petite Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache. Big, ripe and bold, this is no joke. Strong, aggressive and brutally honest. This wine isn’t afraid to get in your face and tell you the truth. But under the surface of this heavyweight there somehow remains a hint of kindness. A soft and subtle sensitivity that can only be reached after weaving your way through the assertive outer shell. Layered, complicated and worth taking the time to get to know better. At $70 a bottle it may not be a run of the mill week-night choice, but on another Sunday night on lockdown, with Questlove spinning live Prince tracks in the background, it pairs perfectly. ************* #pasorobles #epochwines #pasorobleswine #pasorobleswinecountry #pasowine #syrah #winelover #winestagram #redwine #winereview #winery #californiawines #questlove #winetasting #syrahblend #ingenuity

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Fava bean and sweet pea = 1 / vine = 0. Time for an intervention #covercrop #biodynamic #edibleflowers #paderewski

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Enjoying the Epoch wine presentation! #epochmoments #epochwines #floridalife #retiredlife

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What a beautiful way to end the day! #EpochMoments

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Good times ahead! #epochmoments

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A great tasting at Epoch today. Great wines, great friends = great times! #retiredlife #epochmoments #goodtobeus

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These bottles traveled 3,000 miles to St. Kitts to enjoy a little beach time!  Congratulations on 30 years of wedding bliss, Doran and Elissa!!!  #epochmoments

“I sent my sons down into my wine cellar after thanksgiving dinner and told them to choose any wine they wanted – three hours later this is what the sideboard in the dining room looked like. Thanks for making our family holiday so special. My boys love your wines!”

Tom Sorbo, Entourage Member


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Just another Florida evening. Grilled Swordfish, roasted hirassa carrots and wild rice pilaf. #floridalife #epochmoment #retiredlife

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California poppies and lupines galore! #EpochMoments

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Team building at @epochwines with the PC ladies 👯 👯 ♥️🍷 #epochmoments

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How’s a girl supposed to get to work with this going on? @epochwines #epochmoments #bizarrecreatures #turkeycrossing

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Chilly night in – it’s cozy on the patio. #epochmoments #candlelight A post shared by leanne (@patienceiago) on

#FBF to our fabulous wine trip to #pasorobles #thankful #wino #epochmoments #winecountry #winelover A post shared by Chrissy Sutphin (@dc2la07) on

Fall is officially here…. #harvestweekend #pasorobles #epochwines #epochmoments A post shared by Sheri Nichols (@sherinichols18) on

enjoying the chill vibes. #winetasting #epochmoments A post shared by shannon p (@adventurez_in) on

Thank you @epochwines for the incredible party and horse play. #epochmoments A post shared by Janis Denner (@janisdenner) on

Thank you @epochwines for the incredible party and horse play. #epochmoments A post shared by Janis Denner (@janisdenner) on

@epochwines party is really the place to be now A post shared by Sean McKeon (@dude21345) on

Happy 4th everyone! #epochmoments #epochwines #nichewinetours #winelife #pasoliving #winecountry A post shared by Nichewinetours (@nichewinetours) on

seize the day #lovewhereyoulive #epochmoments A post shared by Raylene Davison (@the_raylenes) on

Thanks for a great week. #epochmoments #epochestatewines #pasorobles #yorkmountain A post shared by Michael Urbatchka (@murbatchka) on

Pure happiness @epochwines #besttastingsofar #epochmoments A post shared by whitney forstner (@artforthehome) on

A Clark Family tradition – celebrating Easter with Epoch!
God Bless the Armstrong family!
-Jay Clark, Entourage Member (Easter 2017)

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#Decanting 2012 #EpochEstatewines #Veracity #southernrhoneblend #PasoRobles A post shared by Geoffrey Luce (@winebarter) on

Always a great day with the new allocation and checking into inventory. Thanks for the great wines. Can’t wait to visit the new tasting room.


-Brian Strouts, Entourage Member (11/21/16)
Kristen and Lindsey,


Becky created an amazing experience for us at your tasting room yesterday. She’s clear and passionate about the history of the winery, working for a great family, and the wines of Epoch. Becky is a keeper for sure! We loved every wine we tasted and took some with us to share with friends at home.

Thank you for your hospitality!


Betty and Steven, Entourage Members (8/22/16)

Entourage Members, Jeff & Lori Watkins, enjoyed a bottle of Epoch at their firm’s board retreat at the beautiful C Lazy U dude ranch in Colorado! (5/11/16)

We just returned from a long weekend 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration at the One & Only Palmilla Los Cabos when our Fall Allocation of Epoch arrived.  In true feline style, our cats had as much fun as we did with the unpacking!


Happy Thanksgiving to the Armstrong and Epoch Estate Wine Families! From, The Runkles, Entourage Members (11/11/15)
Hi Epoch,


I wanted to share a recent Epoch moment.  We recently put together a blind taste “shoot out” of a Tempranillo from West Side Paso and the Epoch Tempranillo to identify the best of the best in Paso.  You will be pleased to know that Epoch was the hands down favorite, with 5 out of 6 votes.  Of course a good time was had by all with the evening capped off with acoustic guitar playing and loud singing.  An absolutely awesome night.


Epoch wines are sure leaving their mark on us, always impressive and exceed expectation.  They are now the centerpiece of our cellar.


Much respect and best wishes to the team!


– Jeff and Marti, Entourage Members (6/6/14)

Several weeks ago my wife (Kelly) and I came in to Epoch and had a wonderful visit trying your various wines as well as having a nice conversation with you and your colleagues.


We were drawn to your winery because my wife and I attended, York College of PA, and we thought your heritage was very interesting.  Additionally, you provided us with lots of great wine to bring home as well as a large quantity of corks.  In exchange for the corks we promised some photos of the projects we use them for, do here are a few pictures.


Thank you again for a great afternoon, we will visit again.‎


-Chris Muklevicz (2/14/14)

Sending @epochwines love all the way from the Atlantic Ocean. Can’t wait to open this beauty.#epoch #rosé #ssi #epochmoment A post shared by Jordan DePascale (@jordandepascale) on


Greg and I came to San Luis Obispo the weekend of October 18-20 for a District Rotary Conference.  We visit Paso Robles and the Santa Ynez Valley on a regular basis for wine tasting, but had never been to Epoch.  We fell in love with their wines, staff, cat, and the Percherons!  We joined the allocation wait list and will be back!


-Judi Bumstead and Greg Kaapuni (10/20/13)
My Epoch Moment – BTW, I think ‘Epoch Moment’ is an oxymoron, as ‘epoch’ actually means a distinctive period of time, but I digress… – was the celebrity drop-in of actor Adrian Grenier this summer as we were tasting blends of out ’10 red wines.  The wildly popular HBO series, “Entourage” was down to its last few episodes, and as huge fans of the show and Vinny Chase, we later named our wine loyalty club, “Epoch Entourage”, after this Epoch Moment!


-Liz Armstrong, Epoch Owner (4/11/12)

Team Epoch,


I should of sent this email last week since the bottle was consumed on March 2nd but have been in a Veracity haze since then!  I wanted Bill to know that what he claimed should happen [Bill claims that Epoch wine will lead to a “luck night” if you catch our drift] drinking the bottle did in fact.  It worked so well that the man in question wants to plan a trip to buy a case of Veracity.  I have attached 2 photos as to our view while we were drinking the entire bottle.  I will be in touch with Jordan about coming to the winery maybe in May so we can buy that case and most likely more.

Can’t thank you enough…really.


So you know our first date was 38 years ago and have just reconnected so all the more fun to tell him the story [Epoch is the best wingman] and share the wine.


Dona, Entourage Member (3/11/13)


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Yesterday’s wine tasting adventures🍷 we went to @epochwines @ninerwineestates and @toothandnailwinery

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Enjoying a nice Epoch Estate Blend tonight! #epochwines

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Enjoying 2015 Creativity!


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Maybe living on a farm is for me.. as long as there are grapes 🍷😉 #ltkunder50

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Fun day at @epochwines 🧺 Brought home a few bottles of their white blend 💯

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These two 🧡🧡

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It’s 113 degrees outside and the Epoch Rose is calling my name… time to unwind and cool off 🧡 #epochestatewines #roséwine #winetime

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First day of in person school in a pandemic in the books. Wine for mom. #senioryear2021 #pasorobleswine

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The only thing missing is a delicious sandwich! #thesandwichtruckpaso #sandwichtruckpaso #epochwines Stand by for an announcement. 😃

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Epoch craft some of the great wines of Paso Robles, learn about them and their new wines, link in bio 🍷👆 @epochwines

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#epochmoments #epochathome

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When you get to Narnia, make your first left. #YorkMountain

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Forget #dryuary when there is some @epochwines to be enjoyed #epochmoments this counts as a carb macro #foodwinewomen

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My buddy Levi made sure to satisfy my kitty fix before leaving Paso! #EpochMoments

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Epoch Tailgate!

Steve Bell, Entourage Member


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January in Florida, already rose weather. Life is good #RetiredLife #epochmoments #FloridaLife

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It looks like he’s spinning records right? #DJ_Banos #epochwines #pasowine #california

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January in Florida, already rose weather. Life is good #RetiredLife #epochmoments #FloridaLife

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Epoch Estate Wines #epochmoments

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Late start… great start!!! Thank you Ryan @ epoch… loving the new flight style tasting. #epochmoments

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#bruschetta and #wine for #girlsnight !!! #epoch #epochmoments #floridalife

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A great photo from epoch winery’s release party last year. So glad we went! #epochmoments

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Epoch Winery in Paso Robles #epochmoments #winecountry#christmastime

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Picnic before tasting at our favorite Paso Robles winery!! Thanks for the picture Jordan! #epochmoments

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Umm….Yummm… #epochwines #estateblend2011 #epochmoments #pasorobleswine #drinkthegoodwinefirst #jtsb💕

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Just wanted to share our Epoch baby Braxton with you:)

Girls weekend in Paso Robles. #epochmoments #mysblife A post shared by Becky Lahna (@beckylahna) on

Epoch is amazing #epochmoments A post shared by Chariot Wine Tours (@chariotwinetours) on

#epochmoments #newfriends #amazingfriends A post shared by Corey Cohen (@cohen629) on

We celebrated my wife’s 69th birthday this Thanksgiving weekend at the incomparable dining room in the Yosemite Majestic ( formerly Ahwahnee) Hotel . Our dinner included our 2012 magnum of Authenticity which we all loved and the dinner was expertly managed by long time waiter and Epoch wine club member Milton (Jerry) Rupert ! What a pleasant coincidence and perfect Epoch moment ! Cheers ! Peter Capobianco

Getting ready to go see Bruno!  Looking forward to our visit in 1 month. Can’t wait!! -Bob and Kerry Erling

How Californians handle #hurricaneirma… keep calm and Wine on… #epochmoments #epochestatewines #epochhasspirit A post shared by Steph Pierson (@steph_pierson) on

#epochmoments A post shared by Paul Koenning (@paul_koenning) on

We were just tasting -small pours (I swear it!) #epochmoments #winetasting #winestagram @epochwines A post shared by Gary Shaver (@gwshaver) on

Vinpression of the 2013 Ingenuity. Awesome staff, beautiful tasting rooms, expressive wines. @epochwines A post shared by iDig.LA (@diglounge) on

What better way to celebrate my 65th birthday, family, good friends and a lineup of Epoch wines; 2016 Rose, 2015 White, 2011 Zinfandel, 2011 Block B Magnum, 2011 Authenticity Magnum, 2011 Tempranillo Magnum and 2011 Ingenuity Magnum! Thank you Epoch team. We drank it all!


Bob Verheecke


Entourage Member

Paul and I are off to Europe on the Grammy Award winning saxophonist’s “Dave Koz Cruise” (Venice to Venice with stops in Croatia, Montenegro, Santorini, San Marino) including 4 days in Venice with a trip to Valpolicella Classico!! Not that we won’t purchase wine there and along the way, but we will miss our bold and delicious fruit forward California wines! Holland America allows you to bring your own wine on board for a $18 corkage and British Air allows us 2 bags up to 70 lbs/ea…duh….Cheers!!! – Entourage Member, Katherine Runkle

Fabulous day with fantastic people drinking delicious wine @epochwines #epochmoments #beautifulcountry A post shared by Kelly Lewis (@leaderaslearner) on

Jordan Fiorentini @epochwines #winevacation #epochmoments #pasowine A post shared by Randy Smith (@thewinewrite) on

What a fantastic bunch of people! The wines are great too… #truthbomb #trustme A post shared by Sabrenah (@sabrenahl) on

It’s #epochmoments toasting fine wines, great friends, great setting Cheers! A post shared by @pinkcloud101 on

Oh hey, rosé! #epochmoments #rose #wine #weekendgetaway #pasorobles A post shared by Michelle Ahn (@michelle_belle2) on

Jordan, I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy your wine. Big fan. Today was a very cold morning here in Atlanta so playing golf was not a good option. So, I decided to make a batch of my New Orleans Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. It is an Emeril Lagasse recipe, but with a touch of my grandma’s roux. I was born and raised in New Orleans and gumbo was not only a staple, but more of a way of like and watching grandma making it was half the fun.


I am now sitting down to enjoy a bowl of my gumbo with rice and I am pouring a 2010 Epoch Ingenuity. It is the last of my 2010 vintage which brings a tear to my eye, but OMG it is simply awesome. I could not have picked a more perfect match for this dish. The blackberry and blueberry aromas combined with a hint of spice are enticing, but on the palate it is simply wonderful. It is silky with soft tannins which I guess comes from a little age, but the long smooth finish is what I especially love. This is a meal and a show all in one. The Ingenuity compliments the gumbo PERFECTLY!



I know a lot of your followers love recipes to compliment your wine so I thought I’d send you the link in case you want to share with your readers:



New Orleans style Chicken and Sausage Gumbo combined with Epoch wine is a real treat. You’ll be happy to hear the 2010 Ingenuity is pouring perfectly and I am in heaven.  Keep ‘em coming cause I keep enjoying them!


-Michael Mire, Entourage Member (12/7/17)

Epoch wine meets epic Machu Picchu!




Rob Eiseman, Entourage Member (07/10/17)

Congrats to one of our AWESOME Tasting Room Educators, Becky Long, on graduating from Cal Poly with a BS in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism! We feel so honored to have been a part of your walk to the finish line…in more ways than one. Ü (6/15/16)



I’m sorry. In fact I’m really sorry.


I was unpacking my two cases of Epoch yesterday and putting them safely in to my cellar and the Sensibility slipped out of my hand, fell to the hard floor and broke at the neck. Even though she’s a well-educated, latin speaking lawyer, I must have been influenced more by her being a pretty girl with a petite body shape. Older guys sometimes do that.


Anyway, I reacted as fast as a young guy, and grabbed the bottle. Yes it was half empty, but I said, no, it’s half full. I cleaned up the mess, but my cellar now just has a better aroma.


I strained the remaining wine, to make sure that there were no shards of glass, into a wine glass and covered it with an inverted sandwich bag (just as you would do with leftover guacamole!).


I know that you told me that the wines are still babies and that I should wait, but what was I supposed to do? This wasn’t a normal birth. This was an emergency, premature caesarian.


So, I’m drinking it, on my own, before dinner tonight, and I’m a very happy man.


Soon I’ll begin to try and understand your graphic interpretation.


Take care and please pass on my thanks and apologies to Bill and Liz, Meredith and the rest of the team.


Jeremy Allen, Entourage Member (2/5/16)

Last year my wife and I were at a wine club dinner in Paso with another winery.  One of the men at our table said, “You absolutely HAVE to visit Epoch before you go home.”  So we did, and wow, are we glad!  I had several of your wines shipped back to Chicago, where we frequently attend dinners with friends who love great food and great wine.


One evening we had dinner at our house and I asked everyone to bring a great wine. We had Joseph Phelps Insignia, Chateau Margaux, and a great Chateauneuf-du-Pape (can’t remember the name).  I brought out the Epoch Authenticity and it was the hit of the evening.  By far.


A week later we went to an Italian restaurant with friends.  They brought a very nice French Bordeaux and I brought the Epoch Tempranillo.  The Bordeaux was served first. It was very good. Then my friend took his first sip of the Epoch.  It was like time stood still. He could not believe how amazing it tasted.  It was not only an Epoch moment but almost a holy moment as we all stopped eating and just reveled in this incredible wine.


Thanks Epoch.  You steal the show at any dinner gathering.


-Ron Beers, Entourage Member (8/24/12)

My friend, Colleen Heller, just retired after a wonderful career in education.  To celebrate, I fixed a special dinner, al fresco, of grilled sturgeon with a BBQ rub and a lemon butter sauce, grilled broccoli, baked potato, toasted French rolls, and….. wait for it….  the pièce de résistance, a bottle of 2009 Epoch Block B Syrah.  Fabulous!  An Epoch way to begin retirement.


-Neal Ely, Entourage Member (8/8/15)

Happy boy #2007 #opusx #epochmoment A post shared by @bskough on

We have always admired TED for their innovative, relevant, and insightful TED Talks, so it was a HUGE honor for our wines to be served at the TEDWomen 2015 Farewell Picnic in Monterey, CA.  A serious Epoch Moment for us!  Cheers to TED for facilitating and sharing so many powerful conversations (topics consistently addressed with veracity and ingenuity Ü) with us and the rest of the world!

Hello Epoch!


You know, when one is on a diet to lose some weight it is not easy when you have a wine collection of 400+ bottles in the house!  Since I have lost 30 pounds in the past six months one is entitled to have a free day once in awhile…right?  So, we had one of those Epoch moments when my wife asked if we can have a “free day” and we went to one of our local favorite restaurants in 4S Ranch called Capri Blue.  We happened to bring with us a bottle of the Epoch Tempranillo 2009.


WOW did this wine blow our socks off!!!!  It was one of those wines that had layers and layers of flavors over the course of the glass and the bottle!  I am thankful to have a couple more bottles of the 2009 Tempranillo along with a 1.5 liter bottle in my cellar!


Thank you for the fine bottles of wine~!


Best regards,


Darlene and Jim Nadlonek, Entourage Members  (9/10/12)

Our truck of Epoch arrived just in time for the holidays! – Dick & Bev


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Perfect bottle for the occasion ❤️ @luba.sobolevsky

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Paso 🍷

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A beautiful setting today @epochwines -what an exquisite location and tasting facility.

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Syrah berry imprints on concrete #concretewinetanks #harvest2020 #grapeart

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#epochwines 😉

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Wine tasting in Paso Robles…it’s a rough life for this @goldcoastk9 pup. 😆🥰 #16weeks #malinois #puppylife

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Happy #nationalredwineday, otherwise known as Friday. #epochwines

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Cheers to an epoch day! 🥂🍷 . . . #epochwines #epoch #pasorobles #winetasting #wines #wineflight #winelovers @epochwines

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Wine Tasting #PasoRobles #EpochWines #BestFriends #MakeTheBestOfEveryday #FathersDay2020

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2015 Epoch Estate Wines Veracity Epoch Estate Wines, located in the Willow Creek District of Paso Robles, was established by Liz and Bill Armstrong in 2004. Liz and Bill are geologists by trade, and knowing the importance of terroir in winemaking they settled on Paso Robles for its weather, rugged terrain, breadth of soils, and fruitfulness for Rhône varieties. The couple purchased the Paderewski Vineyard in 2004 and later expanded with the Catapult Vineyard in 2008 and York Mountain Winery in 2010. Paderewski is composed of limestone and calcareous rocky soils, Catapult of shale, clay, and silt rocky soils, and York Mountain of sand and fragmented sandstone. Though very different in climate and soil composition, all Epoch vineyard sites have one thing in common: they force the vines to struggle, reach deeply for nutrients, and produce concentrated and quality fruit. Across these incredibly diverse vineyards, Epoch plants Grenache, Mourvèdre, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Tempranillo, Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon for the red varieties and Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Picpoul Blanc, and Viognier for the whites. The 2015 Veracity is opaque medium purple/ruby in color. I gave this 2 hours to open up, but the wine really started showing beautifully an hour or so in. The expressive nose showcases aromas of blackberry, blueberry, plum, violet, cigar box, graphite, smoked game, black pepper, and chocolate. Once on the palate, this wine displays notes of blackcurrant, spiced black plum, black cherry, anise, tobacco, rocky soil, ground pepper, clove, and coffee grounds. This is medium-bodied with medium acidity, fine-grained medium (+) tannins, and a long finish. 47% Grenache, 34% Mourvèdre, 19% Syrah; 15.4% ABV Price: $65. This is very fairly priced, and one of the better GSMs I’ve had from Paso Robles save for Saxum (but there’s a significant price jump there). This Epoch is very well-balanced, expressive, and the high ABV goes unnoticeable. Pair with herb-roasted lamb, barbecue pork ribs, or mushrooms.

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We love delivering to Epoch Estate Wines. Such a gorgeous drive! 🍷🔆🍇 #westernjanitorsupply #pasorobles #epochestatewines

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