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Listed below are the wines offered for this release.  Upon login on your designated release day, you will be able to access your allocation and select the wines of your choice – unless you are Elite, in which case, we process the order for you.  If you need a refresher on the expectations and perks associated with your Entourage level, click here.  As a reminder, our Entourage members always have first dibs on our new release wines.  You all have access to these wines a full year before they make their way to our Tasting Room or Distribution (i.e. any local restaurants or wine shops).


2020 York Mountain Viognier: $45  |  Jeb Dunnuck: 91, Wine Advocate 94

2019 York Mountain Grenache: $80  |  Jeb Dunnuck: 93-95, Wine Advocate 94

2019 York Mountain Syrah: $90  |  Jeb Dunnuck: 96+


Our York Mountain 2022 Allocation opens to our Entourage Members on the following dates:


Entourage Elite: on Monday, May 2nd custom orders will be processed on the behalf of Elite members who wish to partake

Entourage 12: Wednesday, May 4th at 10 AM PST

Entourage 6: Thursday, May 5th at 10 AM PST

Entourage 3: Friday, May 6th at 10 AM PST


Our York Mountain 2022 Release closes at midnight on Sunday, May 15th!


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2019 York Mountain Vintage


“Overall, 2019 was a mild, long, even, and cool vintage.  We had significant (above average) rainfall and late budbreak (about two weeks later than normal). Nice and easy was the name of the game for the rest of the year with plenty of available water during much of the growing season and no crazy heat waves. As a result, the 2019 wines are balanced with lots of freshness.

2019 was a later, milder, and more even-tempered vintage than 2018.  Those lower temperatures were especially noticeable on York Mountain where the spring was misty and cool.  Yields were up in 2019 at Paderewski and Catapult due to the nice rainfall we had that winter which lasted through March 2019. Canopies were green, healthy, and very happy too. A little nerdy side note: the diurnal temperature swings were less extreme in 2019 (meaning the nighttime lows weren’t as low in 2019 as 2018), leading to less acid in the wines, higher PHs, and more ease on the palate.  We actually started picking grapes only a day later in 2019 than in 2018, but 2018 had greater diurnal temperature swings and many more days over 100 than 2019. That being said, 2018 wasn’t a crazy hot year for us either, but it was drier with more see-sawing temperatures.

On York Mountain, our 2019 Syrah crop was average in size, however Grenache yields were extremely small.  The cool, wet 2019 spring combined with a few strong wind events led to poor Grenache fruit set and therefore a tiny crop.  The nice green canopies with small crop load allowed the Grenache tannins to evolve fully which is one of the reasons why the wine is so fantastic.

The last pick in 2018 was 10/17 vs. 10/24 in 2019 – so pretty close. Tannins had ample time to get really ripe and supple in 2019, and since the spring was cool, we believe that also led to lower overall tannin development in the wines than in 2018. All this leads to wines from 2019 that are pure, elegant, and very balanced. The acids are a touch lower than “classic” and pHs a bit higher, which make for a more approachable and supple vintage.

Both of our 2019 York Mountain red wines are so gorgeous now. I know we often urge y’all to let the wines to age a bit before enjoying, and while these two will certainly be delicious in a few years, I also recommend opening one of each within the next year so you can get a real taste for the terroir at York.”  – Jordan Fiorentini


Each Entourage level has its own unique shipping benefits to fit your order, and we’ve summarized those below.  Need a refresher on all your perks? Email us 


Elite – Complimentary shipping on all wine purchases.

Entourage 12 – Complimentary shipping on all 750 mL wine purchases.  Magnum shipping included assuming the order contains at least twelve 750 mL bottles.

Entourage 6 – Complimentary shipping on all 750 mL bottles assuming the order contains at least six bottles

Entourage 3 – Complimentary shipping on all 750 mL bottles if the order contains at least six bottles


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If you are not interested in shipping your wines, pickups of your allocation can begin as early as Monday, May 16th.  If you want to schedule a pick-up, please email Meaghan your preferred day!  We ask that you please give us a 48-hour heads up on when you plan to pick up, so we have your wine ready and packed to perfection.

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