Audrey Tito

Director of Distribution & Outside Sales


Originally from Maine, we are so grateful Audrey’s passion for wine moved her across the country to California.  Her experience in the industry has included working two harvests in Northern California, building and managing the wine program at a local restaurant in SLO, and working as a Distribution Sales Rep.  Audrey’s background in just about every avenue of winemaking and wine sales made her the perfect person to take on Epoch Distribution and Outside Sales!  Outside of the office, Audrey loves to cook, explore the central coast, and even try her hand at making her own wine: a Picpoul Blanc.  If you have any questions about where our wines are carried outside of York Mountain or you have an idea for where you would like to see our wines in your hometown, Audrey is your gal!  We are always open to exploring new homes for Epoch wines!