Clay Rovenstine

Fleet Maintenance | Vineyard Assistant


Clay is Tim and Diana’s son and Jenna’s brother (is it obvious that we adore the Rovenstine family?!?). Clay got his first taste of Epoch when he helped with Harvest 2009 at the ripe age of 16. He now works for us full-time as our Fleet Maintenance | Vineyard Assistant. This means Clay works closely with our Vineyard team to make sure all of our equipment is working and available at each of our vineyards as needed. He also helps his Dad on the ranch side of things and is our Resident Welder; he has crafted a few amazing tables for our Tasting Room as well as a barrel hoist system fondly called “the Kraken.” Ü He and his wife, Shyanne, have a precious daughter, Chelsie, and a son Cash. For anything involving heavy lifting, email him at [email protected].