Jenna Rovenstine

Vendor & Farmhouse Relations | Resident Historian


Jenna is Tim and Diana’s daughter (clearly we love the Rovenstine family!) and graduated with a History major at Cal Poly. Ever the History junky, Jenna is now studying for her masters with said subject while working full-time at Epoch as our Vendor and Farmhouse Liaison. Jenna’s extensive knowledge of Paso Robles, the York family, and Paderewski (this Polish Statesman and former owner of our Paderewski Vineyard was the focus of Jenna’s Senior Project) makes her a real asset to our team and undoubtedly one of our most interesting tour guides on York Mountain!


You can contact Jenna with inquiries about York/Paderewski history, our Farmhouse, upcoming travel to Paso Robles, and donations at