Jenna Martinez

Resident Historian | Vendor & Farmhouse Relations


Jenna is Tim and Diana’s daughter (clearly we love the Rovenstine family!) and a 4th generation Paso Roblan.  From an early age, Jenna has been fascinated by local history, and that curiosity was piqued the first time she visited York Mountain.  Upon encouragement from Liz Armstrong to research the history of the York family, Jenna became an expert in all things York Mountain and in the process, discovered her passion for History.  Going on to earn a History Degree from Cal Poly, Jenna’s senior project was the compilation of her research on the York family.  As one would suspect, Jenna is also proficient in the life and legacy of Ignacy Jan Paderewski.  Since our historical ties to the York Family and Paderewski are such an important part of the Epoch story, we feel beyond blessed to have Jenna on our team.  As our Resident Historian, Jenna conducts historic tours and tastings at our Tasting Room (among many other things), and she would love to host you on one of these soon!


If you would like to book a History Tour & Tasting or ask Jenna any history questions, she can be reached at [email protected].  P.S. Jenna has now written a book on some of her research, so feel free to reach out to her about this as well. ; )