Kristen Darnell

Senior Director of Personnel & Sales


While Bill Armstrong was looking for a new receptionist at his “day job” in Denver, he was flipping through a pile of resumes and one stood out beyond all others: Bachelor degree from University of New Mexico, President of Pi Beta Phi sorority, Masters Degree from Harvard University, and willing to take an entry level position…Bill quickly decided to go with the “best athlete available” and after a few months, he realized Kristen’s skill set could be a real asset to his new project, Epoch. He offered her the opportunity to move to Paso to open the tasting room at York Mountain, and Kristen enthusiastically stepped up to the plate!


Moving to Paso not only exposed her to the fabulous world of wine, but she found her husband, Craig, a few miles up the road in SLO and now they have a precious baby boy, Caden! For Sales and Marketing inquiries or general questions regarding Epoch, Kristen is a great place to start: [email protected].