Meredith Groshart

Senior Director of Entourage


Although Bill first hired Meredith in 2010 to work for his Oil and Gas business in Denver, he quickly realized that her attention to detail, her can-do attitude, and her way with people would make her a rockstar at Epoch. We can all thank Mere for our awesome Allocation system since she helped create it. During our first few Releases, it was just Mere, her computer, and the phone, but as Epoch has grown, so have our Releases. We now have a solid Release team, and with Mere as our “Captain,” our biannual Releases just keep getting better and better! In her “spare time,” Mere is the best mommy to her three sons, Evan, Logan, and Cannon and wife to her husband, Stephen. Contact Meredith with any Entourage or Release inquiries at [email protected] or [email protected].