Peter Turrone



Wine runs in Peter’s blood, as his father is a first generation Italian-American and dabbled in garage winemaking during Pete’s formative years. In true Italian style, Pete was served a half glass of wine with dinner by his early teens (we think that early exposure has something to do with his amazing palate). Not realizing that winemaking was a plausible career, Pete earned a double major in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Cal Poly (yes we know, we’ve got ourselves a smart one!).


However upon graduation, Pete quickly learned that the reality of a job in Chemistry didn’t really suit him, so he explored a variety of jobs trying to find his true calling. It wasn’t until his wife, Chelsea, encouraged him to consider returning to his wine roots. During a harvest internship at Wild Horse Winery in Templeton, it quickly became evident that Pete’s background in Chemistry would be a real asset in a winery lab.


At Wild Horse, Pete learned the basics of winemaking, but it was not until Pete moved up to Sonoma and started working at Chalk Hill that he actually got to actively participate in the process. It was here that Pete also met Jordan Fiorentini and was hired as her full time Enologist. Realizing their partnership was something special, Jordan asked Pete to assist her when she moved down to Paso Robles to work at Epoch Estate Wines.


After seven years with Team Epoch, Pete has ventured off to join another local powerhouse, Booker. Of course, we couldn’t quite let Pete go fully so he’s still part of the team on a consultant basis.