If the fruit ripens just right, and the sweet pieces fall into place, there is a Possibility our vineyards will give us a treat. Like the dessert wine it is, sometimes it’s the perfect ending to a meal… or harvest.


2014 Possibility


Parentage: 100% Paderewski Vineyard
District: Willow Creek | Hometown: Paso Robles
Stomping Grounds: Limestone-studded hillsides
Ethnicity: 79% Syrah, 21% Grenache Blanc
Siblings: 110 Cases of 375mL bottles produced
Ideal Mate: A golden Retriever next to a crackling fire with the timeless tick-tock of an old grandfather clock.



Birthdate: October 9, 2014 | Birth Weight: Obese! (Seriously, the brix were off the chart)
Rearing: Fermented in open-top 320 Liter neutral oak barrels
Education: Aged for twenty-two months in 25% new American and French oak barrels and puncheons
GPA: 3.76 pH | 7.2 g/L TA | 17% Alc.
Graduation: Bottled August 17, 2016 | Debut: Released Fall 2016 | Prime Eligibility: Now through 2025



Discovering new possibilities is what Epoch is all about. When the Paso Robles heat of 2014 gave us some overly-ripe fruit, in the spirit of American innovation, we saw an opportunity to create a special new wine for our most loyal fans. This is not an ‘oops-wine’ resulting from a stuck fermentation as so many dessert wines tend to be. The intention to create this fortified beauty started in the vineyard with some extra hang time, and was carefully tended to all the way to bottle. It starts with an abundance of fruit on the nose including ripe bing cherry, black raspberry, and cranberry compote, backed by a generous helping of cinnamon, Christmas spice, and cocoa nibs. The finish is a sublime sensation of figgy pudding and crème brûlée. This sweet treat is sure to be a welcome addition to your family’s holiday celebration.