Taylor Munks

Lab & Cellar Tech 


Taylor’s Epoch journey began in the Tasting Room where he was beloved by guests for many years. Taylor’s increasing interest in the winemaking process made him the perfect candidate for a “Harvest Intern” in 2016, so that fall found Taylor splitting his time between the Winery and the Tasting Room. Taylor’s attention to detail was quickly identified as a real asset to the Winery team, especially in the lab, and it wasn’t long before he moved to the Winemaking team full time as their Lab and Cellar Tech. As one might suspect by his title, Taylor is immersed in all that goes down in the lab and cellar: he oversees the lab and runs all its equipment, takes care of the wines in barrels, performs wine rackings, assists in bottling, and basically has a hand in all aspects of the grapes and wine during crush. When the winery team meets to taste and blend, Taylor’s insight into how the wines show is invaluable, as he knows how our wines show historically in bottle from his time spent opening and tasting past vintages in the Tasting Room. Fun fact about Taylor: his first wine gig was actually at York Mountain winery, so Epoch is a coming home of sorts. Ü