The Sheep

Holistic Lawn Mowers


The sheep were brought to Epoch to enhance our biodynamic farming practices through Holistic Management of the land. The sheep graze the vegetation between the rows of vines when the vines are dormant, and then we send them to the non-planted areas of our properties when the vines have buds or fruit. The main reason we wanted a sheep team (besides the fact that they are so dang cute) is to reduce the need for mowing the vegetation between the rows. The sheep do a great job eating around the dormant vines, do not compact the soil as much as a large tractor, and leave natural fertilizer behind as they go. We hope that someday the sheep will be handling all the “mowing” in the vineyards and non-planted properties.


Our sheep are always on the move between the different properties and may be a little noisy, especially when they have lambs. The sheep are a breed called “Dorpers,” a South African breed that is well adapted to hot, dry climates. Dorpers are a hair sheep breed, which means they do not produce a lot of wool. They still grow some, but unlike most sheep, they are able to shed the wool off themselves. You are welcome to visit them, but please be aware that the fence is electrified to keep them in and predators out.