Estate Blend

Our Estate Blend provides a snapshot of Epoch vineyards and our specific winemaking practices within every vintage. Though Syrah consistently takes the lead, the exact blend of varieties varies from vintage to vintage. Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Tempranillo regularly play key roles in this wine with occasional cameos from Zinfandel and other varieties. It is totally Epoch!


2014 Estate Blend


Parentage: 56% Catapult and 44% Paderewski Vineyards

District: Willow Creek | Hometown: Paso Robles

Stomping Grounds: Limestone and shale-studded hillsides of all exposures

Ethnicity: 36% Syrah, 36% Mourvèdre, 22% Grenache, 6% Tempranillo | Siblings: 1,924 Cases Produced



Birthdate: August 21 – October 2, 2014 | Birth Weight: 27.2° Brix

Rearing: Fermented in concrete, stainless steel and oak tanks and 1-ton bins

Education: Aged ~ 18 months: 31% new French oak and 69% neutral oak

GPA: 3.68 pH | 6.0 g/L TA | 15.6% Alc.

Graduation: Bottled June 13, 2016 | Debut: Released Spring 2017 | Prime Eligibility: 2018 – 2027



Mouth-coating Syrah, earth-grounding Mourvèdre, fruit-driven Grenache and textural Tempranillo…this is your daily Epoch. 2014 Estate Blend shows full range of avor – red plum, berry and surprising watermelon fruit avors play the soprano notes while earthy, grounding elements of black olive, earth, sweet leather, brown spice and meat harmonize as baritones.






2013 Estate Blend

Birthplace: Paderewski and Catapult Vineyards

District: Willow Creek | Hometown: Paso Robles

Stomping Grounds: No more than 10” of topsoil on shale and limestone slopes



Ethnicity: 32% Syrah, 25% Grenache, 25% Mourvèdre, 10% Tempranillo, 8% Zinfandel

Gender: Male | Eye Color: Charismatic gray eyes | Hair: Black | Body Shape: Who cares?

Languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Swahili | Hobbies: Volunteer for Doctors without Borders | Siblings: 1,753 Cases Produced



Birthdate: August 26 – October 4, 2013 | Birth Weight: 26.9° Brix

Rearing: Fermented ~17% whole cluster in concrete and stainless steel tanks, one-ton bins and 1/2 ton French oak puncheons. Many lots were cofermentations.

Education: Aged for 15 months in 33% new French oak barrels and puncheons

GPA: 3.69 pH | 5.8 g/L TA | 15.7% Alc. | Major: International Studies | Minor: Public Speaking

Graduation: Bottled March 2015 | Debut: Released Fall 2015 | Liberation: Representing from 2017 – 2025



Epoch’s 2013 Estate Blend has a lot to tell. He is the most politically correct child in the bunch, including almost every red variety grown on Epoch ground (with even a healthy dose of Zinfandel!). In addition, the individual barrel lots that make up his DNA are combinations of almost every vessel type we use at Epoch – concrete, oak puncheon, one-ton t-bins and stainless steel tanks. There’s a lot going on, and the wine reflects this with its mixture of red fruits, tobacco, leather, earth, vanilla, lavender, bright acidity and mouthwatering texture weaving in an out of each other. In his youth, you see all his different sides, but with time they will meld into one unique whole.



Scores: Wine Enthusiast 94, Wine Advocate 92, Wine Spectator 92




2012 Estate Blend

Paderewski and Catapult Vineyards, Paso Robles

45% Syrah | 24% Mourvèdre | 20% Grenache | 11% Tempranillo

Fermented in concrete and stainless steel tanks, one-ton bins, and 1/2 ton puncheons.

Aged for 18 months in 44% new French oak barrels and puncheons

1,349 cases produced | unfined and unfiltered

Smell and sip our 2012 Estate Blend and channel your fondest cowboy or cowgirl memories – worn leather saddle, tobacco, dried fall leaves, plum, sweet soil – and this wine takes you there. Now, give your cowboy a scholarly side, and we’re approaching the complexity in this bottle. The wine enters with great juiciness (thank you, Grenache) and becomes very intricate by mid palate. Syrah and Tempranillo contribute ripe tannins on the finish to fill out the wine’s body. – Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker


Scores: Wine Advocate 94, Wine Enthusiast 93, Wine Spectator 92




2011 Estate Blend

Paderewski and Catapult Vineyards, Paso Robles

38% Syrah | 24% Grenache | 21% Mourvèdre | 10% Tempranillo | 7% Counoise

Fermented in concrete and stainless steel tan, puncheons and one-ton bins

Aged 17 months in 47% new French oak

1,230 cases produced | Unfined and Unfiltered


Let’s all say a big warm ‘welcome’ to Epoch’s coming of age Catapult Vineyard, contributing  46% to our Estate Blend and playing very well with our Paderewski grapes (54% of the blend). More than serious enough to lay down for a decade but delicious enough to enjoy any night of the week. – Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker


Scores: Wine Advocate 91, International Wine Report 92




2010 Estate Blend

– Wine Spectator’s 25th Top Wine in the World for 2013

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles

56% Syrah | 26% Grenache | 11% Mourvèdre | 7% Tempranillo

Aged for 18 months in 52% new French oak barrels and puncheons

1,719 cases produced


Tasting the 2010 Estate Blend conjures up memories of harvest 2010 at our Paderewski Vineyard. Being a combination of our estate-grown Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Tempranillo from undulating exposures and alternating shale versus limestone soils, we see the personality of our site shine through over individual grape varieties. Indicative of the vintage, the fruit and tannin are beautifully ripe, yielding a plush, textured and lengthy wine weaving in and out of savory and sweet flavors: red plum, leather, savory meat, roasted herbs, chocolate and brown spice. – Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker


ScoresWine Spectator 93 & #25, Wine Advocate 92, Rhone Report 92, International Wine Cellar 92, International Wine Report 93



2009 Estate Blend

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles

60% Syrah | 19% Grenache | 9% Tempranillo | 8% Zinfandel | 4% Mourvèdre

Aged for 23 months in 23% new French oak

1,368 cases produced


Our 2009 Estate Blend is a patchwork of different vineyard blocks and soil types on our Paderewski Vineyard. Predominantly Syrah combined with almost all the other red varieties we have on the estate, this wine gives a sweeping glimpse of the vineyard as a whole alongside all of our innovative and site-specific winemaking practices. Almost Bordelaise in character, this wine expresses savory and refined fruit character: dried leather, red cherry, tobacco, smoked game and brown spice. The five different varieties form a cohesive, expressive wine with great texture, length and longevity in bottle. – Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker


ScoresRhone Report 92, International Wine Cellar 91



2008 Epoch Red

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles

33% Syrah | 27% Tempranillo | 18% Grenache | 14% Petite Sirah | 8% Mourvèdre

Fermented in neutral puncheons and stainless steel drums

183 cases produced


A true field blend, this wine is approachable on every level. This wine is a true field blend of the various varieties planted on our Paderewski Vineyard. Approachable and soft with flavors of black raspberry, eucalyptus, sweet hay, black olive and a hint of brown spice, the 2008 Epoch Red exhibits a mouth-coating silky texture. There are no hard edges to this wine, just pure, delicious fruit. Drink now or with up to 5 years of cellar age.