Each Vinpression is my best attempt at communicating with you in a personal, visual format about how the wines smell, taste, and feel as you sip them.

-Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker

Wine has both flavor and texture, and while I can explain the flavors that you might taste in words, texture is more easily depicted through drawings. As a result, I draw my tasting notes, which are called Vinpressions, to fully express the character of a wine.

Read my Vinpressions® from left to right as the wine travels from the front to back of your palate when you sip. Although my Vinpressions® look abstract, I draw them as if they were on a four-quadrant graph. The left side of the drawing describes the sensations on the front palate, the center explains the mid palate, and the right is the back palate. If the lines drop to the bottom of the page, the wine is hitting the bottom of my palate, and likewise if it hits the top quadrant, it touches the top of my palate. I draw circular forms when the wine is soft and lush. Tannins show up as more angular or pointed lines. Acidity directs the wine’s sensation high on the palate and interacts with tannins to accentuate a wine’s finishing texture to the upper-back palate and folding forward towards the upper-front palate.