A Spanish variety, this wine is typically 100% Tempranillo though every now and then a small percentage of Grenache or Syrah may find a home in this wine.


2013 Tempranillo

Parentage: 100% Paderewski Vineyard

District: Willow Creek  | Hometown: Paso Robles

Stomping Grounds: Limestone studded soils on a south-western exposure

Ethnicity: 87% Tempranillo, 10% Grenache, 3% Zinfandel (all non-Tempranillo varieties are from co-fermentation additions)

Siblings: 511 Cases Produced

Ideal Mate: Your good friend’s award winning tri-tip



Birthdate: September 2 – 23, 2013 | Birth weight: 26.5° Brix

Rearing: Fermented in stainless steel, concrete and oak tanks – all destemmed

Education: Aged for 17 months in 41% new French and Hungarian oak barrels and puncheons

GPA: 3.95 pH | 4.9 g/L TA | 15.4% Alc.

Graduation: Bottled April 24, 2015  | Debut: Released Fall 2016 | Prime Eligibility: 2018-2028+



The lone wolf, Epoch’s Tempranillo is so distinctly different from all our other wines in aroma, flavor and most obviously tannin structure. Big and juicy red plum and pomegranate fruits lead the entry as cinnamon and oak spice tumble around the palate, intensified by a cascade of chewy, multi-faceted tannins that fold from front to back. This wine resides at the intersection of rustic and refined and once again has earned his spurs to be deemed our Spanish cowboy.



Scores: Wine Advocate 95



2012 Tempranillo

Birthplace: Paderewski Vineyard

District: Willow Creek | Hometown: Paso Robles

Stomping Grounds: One southwest sloping limey hillside

Ethnicity: 94% Tempranillo, 6% Grenache

Gender: Male | Eye Color: Hazel | Hair: Sandy brown | Body Shape: Muscular from roping cattle

Languages: English and Spanish spoken with a southern accent | Hobbies: Rodeo | Siblings: 287 Cases Produced



Birthdate: September 19 and 28, 2012 | Birth Weight: 27.2° Brix

Rearing: Fermented ~15% whole cluster in stainless steel tanks

Education: Aged for 19 months in 66% New French oak barrels

GPA (High School): 3.81 pH | 6.4 g/L TA | 15.5% Alc. | Trade: Cowboy | Aspirations: Dude Ranch Owner

Graduation: Bottled June 2014 | Debut: Released Fall 2015 | Liberation: Bucking awesome from 2016 – 2028



The 2012 Tempranillo conjures up all the melancholic, deliciously shiver-inducing sentiments of a perfect autumn day – dried leaves on forest floor, red plum compote, sweet leather and pipe tobacco. This new vintage has all the unforgettable and endearing sides of our beloved Spanish cowboy, while also displaying a soft youthful approachability. Layers of red fruit, brown spice and earth tumble around the front to mid-palate, gently leading to enough tannin on the finish to know this wine is Tempranillo without overdoing it.



Scores: Wine Advocate 95, International Wine Report 93, Vinous 92




2012 Reserva Tempranillo


Parentage: Paderewski Vineyard

District: Willow Creek | Hometown: Paso Robles

Stomping Grounds: One steep, west-facing limestone hillside

Ethnicity: 100% Tempranillo | Siblings: 218 Cases Produced

Ideal Mate: Beef on the bone!



Birthdate: September 28 – October 10, 2013 | Birth Weight: 27.1° Brix

Rearing: Fermented ~75% whole cluster in new French oak puncheons and stainless steel tank

Education: Aged for 29 months in 88% new French oak barrels and puncheons

GPA: 3.74 pH | 5.8 g/L TA | 15.2% Alc.

Graduation: Bottled April 24, 2015 | Debut: Released Spring 2016 | Prime Eligibility: 2017 – 2025



Reserve Tempranillo is a thick mustache-wearing, seasoned wrangler with some sharp edges alongside layers of softness that have developed after years of patience in the barrel. Flavors of brown sugar, barrel spice, vanilla bean, sun-ripened red plums and dried tobacco leaves are so inviting and yearn for a cool evening curled up by the fire. Next to his Rhone cousins produced at Epoch, Tempranillo is a dark and swarthy foreigner, however we love him just the same and marvel and his idiosyncracies.





2011 Tempranillo

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles

92% Tempranillo | 6% Syrah | 2% Grenache

Fermented in concrete tanks and French oak puncheons

Aged for 17 months in 65% new French oak barrels and puncheons

297 Cases Produced | Unfined and Unfiltered


With Don Juan suavity, our Tempranillo never lets us forget its Spanish roots. Tempranillo is on its own time, and regardless of vintage, it is always very different than our other varieties. We embrace its uniqueness and let it hang out in barrel and/or bottle for as long as is needed. The coolness of the ’11 vintage is apparent in the brightness of fruit and acid in this wine as well as its tight tannin structure. It begs for decanting (or drinking over a day or two), and then the true romantic emerges. Always connected to the earth, red plum, violet, forest floor, black olive and cigar box flavors converge into a Tempranillo form of elegance. – Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker


Scores: Wine Advocate 95




2010 Tempranillo

– The Wine Advocate: Jeb’s Best of 2013

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles

92% Tempranillo | 8% Grenache

Fermented in concrete and stainless steel tanks, and French oak puncheons

Aged for 20 months in 82% New French Oak

268 cases produced


This mouthwatering, one of a kind Tempranillo blurs the lines of how we think about wine; he is bright, juicy and playful yet serious in focus and structure, full and lush yet chock full of tannin, Californian yet Spanish. You definitely won’t be bored with this in your glass! – Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker


Scores: Wine Advocate 96, Rhone Report 96, International Wine Report 94, Vinous 92




2009 Tempranillo

 – International Wine Report’s #13 Wine of the Year for 2012

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles

100% Tempranillo

Aged for 23 months in 75% new French oak barrels and puncheons

447 cases produced


Honoring its heritage with a hefty serving of tannins, this Tempranillo is definitely a red wine drinker’s wine. Let it breathe before serving and you’ll be served with some delicious aromas of sweet earth, leather, pencil shavings, dried red cherries and vanilla. The palate shows tobacco leaves, red plum, roasted meat and newly pressed olive oil. Tannins are intense yet ripe and elegant and will soften and become more velvety in texture with bottle age. – Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker


Scores: Rhone Report 95, International Wine Report 94+ & #13



2009 Reserva Tempranillo 

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles

100% Tempranillo

Aged for 35 months in 75% new French oak

148 cases produced


The six barrels of 2009 Tempranillo that comprise our Reserva Tempranillo have always felt extremely connected to their Spanish roots. Since its inception, this wine insisted on being left alone, begging for extended barrel aging in the traditional Rioja ‘reserva’ style. We followed orders and, except for monthly topping, did not touch these barrels for three years, until the wine’s tannins had softened and flavors concentrated. Now, after almost one year in bottle, it is time to share our demanding yet mind-opening 100% Reserva Tempranillo. Two winemaking worlds collide in this striking wine, which seesaws between the old and the new. – Jordan Fiorentini, Winemaker



2008 Tempranillo

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles

100% Tempranillo

Aged 22 months in French oak barrels (once-filled)

322 cases produced


Tempranillo … West Paso style! The 2008 Tempranillo is our second vintage of this exciting and very different variety;  we produced a small quantity in 2007. We harvested in several different picks to select only the fruit with the softest and ripest tannins. The warm growing season of 2008 allowed our Tempranillo’s tannins to achieve high levels of ripeness and suppleness, creating a wine that’s enjoyable young but sure to age for several years. Aromas are both savory and sweet – smoked meat, tobacco, brown sugar spices, red plum and leather – echoed by a rich, broad palate whose flavors mirror its aromas. Firm with structure but yet surprisingly soft for a Tempranillo, this wine is sure to strike you as deliciously different! Drink now or with 5-10 years cellar age.


ScoresWine Advocate 93, Wine Spectator 91, Rhone Report 93, International Wine Cellar 90



2007 Tempranillo 

Paderewski Vineyard, Paso Robles

100% Tempranillo

Aged 23 months in barrel with 100% new French oak

90 cases produced


A traditional-styled wine for the passionate Rioja lover. As with many Rioja wines, our 2007 Tempranillo patiently aged in French oak barrels (23 months!) waiting for flavors and tannins to co-mingle perfectly. True to its variety, this wine plays on the senses differently than our other wines, yielding a new and exciting tasting experience. This wine presents smoky red cherry, red plum, leather and brown tea leaf flavors with a nutty, caramelized, refined and textured palate, indicative of its prolonged barrel age. Drink now or with 5-10 years cellar age.


ScoresWine Advocate 93, Wine Spectator 94, Rhone Report 94, International Wine Cellar 92