Entourage Elite

Entourage Elite


Our Entourage Elite is for our very best buyers, those who want all the Epoch they can get their hands on… eighteen bottles a release to be exact!  Elite members receive first access to our wines before our Entourage Releases, occurring in the spring and fall, even open up.


Elite is different from our other Entourage levels for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is we process the order for you!  Say goodbye to the hassle of logging in to place your order, we will do that heavy lifting for you.  While we can certainly customize your order (as long as that eighteen bottle number is still being met), our Elite members are typically comfortable with us creating an eighteen bottle order for them and placing that order on their behalf.




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Epoch Entourage


Due to low production and our desire to allocate wines appropriately, we offer three levels of our Entourage, plus our Entourage Elite Club.  Each level contains their own unique commitments and perks.  Our hope is that you will find one that fits your wine wants and needs (because we all need wine, obviously Ü).  We will evaluate our members each summer, and if we notice that you have not purchased your specified amount, we will reach out to see if moving to another Entourage level is preferred.  If at any time throughout the year you would like to go ahead and make a move, please let us know!   To learn more about these other Entourage levels, click here.